8 Reasons Why Having a Video Sells Your Company Online

People who own a business take a huge amount of pride in the services and products they sell to people.

Video production is still the best way of sharing that pride and passion with a wider audience.

Heres 8 reasons why having a video helps sell your business online.

#1 It shows your company in its best light

Video gives you the chance to showcase the benefits of your products. Why is yours the best? Why should customers buy from you? Show them in your video!

#2 It extends your reach

No longer do companies have to stay confined to business in their local town or nearest city. A good video can market your services far further afield than has ever been possible before.

#3 They can replace visits

A video shot on site can replace the hassle of organising visits from customers or prospects. Or even just give them an initial taste for what you do. This has become very popular for companies that want to show new building work to their customers as well as others within the company.

#4 They make you look more professional

There’s no doubt having a video gives a website immediate credibility. Having a well-produced piece that offers something relevant to a customer’s search will help sell your services.

#5 You can include them in Powerpoint presentations

Use an explainer video for your audience to take in, it’s often easier than talking about it yourself.

#6 Share it on LinkedIn to individuals and groups

We all know about the power of social media, but LinkedIn is where business happens. In terms of networking and finding the right people in the right places, there is no better tool. Sharing your video in the right groups and with the right people can drum up some interest in your business.

#7 Get ahead of other companies

A lot of companies still haven’t tapped into the power of online video. Having one for your business can give you an immediate advantage.

#8 Google enjoys your videos too

Tap into the world with better search rankings. Videos are rated highly, so having one on your website will improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

There are many, many more reasons why video can be helpful for you and your customers. Were only scratching the surface in terms of the impact video will have in the future online marketplace. There is no better time than now to give your business a head start.