First Kiss video by WREN increased sales by 13,000%

Since the release of the First Kiss video, by WREN in March 2014, they have seen a phenomenal increase in traffic to their website. This, in turn, has meant an increase in general visibility and most importantly an impact on their bottom line. In the first two weeks after the video’s release, sales at WREN increased by an astonishing 13,600%. Yes, thirteen thousand and six hundred per cent. In terms of what that meant in terms of traffic, visits to the site increased by 14,000% and 96% of those visitors were new to the site.

This video was made by a fashion company, but it is not directly about fashion. They set out to make a film, not an advert, and by that their goal was to create a piece that audiences would connect with on an emotional level. It worked as it has now been viewed nearly 80 million times on YouTube. I have no doubt that they wouldn’t have been able to boast such figures if the words ‘buy now’ were anywhere to be seen in this video.