How to get a job in Video Production

As a creative agency, we get hundreds of job applications every year. These rang from experienced individuals looking for there next project to young graduates looking for work experience.

For those with a couple of jobs under their belt or a showreel with which to sell their talent, moving from one job to the next becomes easier. You make a name for yourself and hopefully that name is good, and although you never stop striving for that next great job, you do have much more experience to fall back on.

For the media graduate its much more difficult. Having chosen an industry that has the allure of excitement and glamour, you are unfortunately competing against a plethora of other bright and eager young talent. Don’t despair! There is always a need for new talent and we are always on the lookout; the trick is to get noticed.

On deciding to enter into the media industry, and more specifically the production industry, you are faced with the task of getting a foot in the door.

Our advice is this:

1. Tenacity

Never underestimate the power of a continual belief in yourself and what you want to achieve. Send out hundred’s of CVs, use a gimmick, you never know which one might catch someone’s eye at just the right moment. Constantly review your CV and make sure you are personalising it to the specific company. When you are searching for your perfect job, make your free time your friend and get to know the places you are applying. When I read a cover letter that includes information about Scorch it definitely makes me sit up and take notice.

2. Spelling, punctuation and grammar

The written word has never been as important as it is in the text speak, throwaway culture we live in today. Cue the old man speech about how “in my day kids could sculpt a formal letter as easy as they could breathe”, but it is true. Your cover letter is your first impression, and well written prose is inextricably linked with job success. Obviously some jobs don’t need you to be able to write, and often motion graphics designers and editors will be hired on a quick hello sentence and an amazing showreel/interview, but if writing is a skill you will need then sharpen up your grammar, use your vocabulary, and check and re-check until it bores you stupid.

3. Make friends

Be personable! This is an industry of contacts. Often your first break will come from a friend on the inside, or talking to the right person at a party. It is an industry of people who talk; that is why we are here after all, to communicate, so you never know where your animated discussion about obscure Japanese cinema with a random person at lunch on set will take you. Being interested and enthusiastic and respectful to everyone you meet in this industry is like leaving a calling card all over the place. So get out, go to some of those sometimes tricky networking evenings, and just be engaged. You never know who you might be talking to.

4. Personality

Finally and thankfully, personality is key. At Scorch we will always hire the person not the credentials. You often get a number of candidates with similar experience, and so the person to hire is the individual who will bring something extra to the team. But how can you be the person that every company wants? In short you can’t. However you can be the person who is eager to learn, someone who seeks out life experiences, someone with hobbies, someone with that insatiable interest in life. You won’t suit every company you meet, but who wants to work for a company who thinks your bubbly personality is offensive anyway? Owning your personality allows you to find a good fit where you can grow.

So unfortunately there is no magic way to get a job in media, especially not your first job, but if you are persistent enough and get your foot in that door, it’s a great place to be and, if you work hard, an easy place to stay.

Good luck!