The Advantages of Drone Filming

Piloted aerial drone videos can provide breath-taking footage for any video production. The cost is significantly lower for video production companies than arranging a helicopter and professional drones can film at lower altitudes, perform more complex manoeuvres and even film indoors.

Professional Aerial Drones

It is important to mention that there is a big difference between a professionally piloted filming drone and a consumer drone fitted with a GoPro camera piloted by a well-meaning enthusiast.

Professional drones are flown by a two-man team comprising of a pilot and a co-pilot.

They work in harmony with each other to fly safely, but also to deliver sometime quite complex but thoroughly impressive shots.

Aerial Drone Video Marketing

Low-level flying requires the highest level of skill to deliver, however, the results are superb. There is something quite magical and encapsulating about seeing something from a slightly different perspective that a person simply wouldn’t be able to see on a day-to-day basis.

Flying through a room or over terrain, a just overhead height is a perfect example of that.

With great drone footage, you can add exceptional production values to any video production.

You can use it to simply impress the viewer, or to lock in their attention whilst you deliver your key script or sales message.

To get the most out of aerial drone filming, filming in 4K Ultra HD is quite simply a must.

The unparalleled level of detail which 4K offers will ensure your ‘money shots’ truly deliver.

Particularly if you need your video stand out against your competitor’s videos, then specifying to include drone filming in your video will help make sure you achieve that.